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Our story begins very modestly...

In 2012, our founder Terence, moved onto the largest live-aboard boat in the UK. There, he met Paul, an accomplished chef, who had previously worked with Gordon Ramsay, and together they cooked a lot! Not long after, a guest from the Ukraine arrived with a suitcase half-filled with dried nuts and fruits as a gift from her mother.

About Us

Within hours, the boys had filled the boat with the sweet aroma of freshly baked granola featuring her nuts and fruit - to great acclaim. Inspired, they filled up large containers and fed their shipmates.

By 2014, Terence’s love for food and recipes had not subsided. He began experimenting with the most unrefined and natural high quality ingredients he could find. His friend Leon, an owner of a juice and vegan shop in Tooting Market, kindly offered him industrial space to set up a kitchen and test out his granola recipes with Paul.

About Us
About Us

We looked for a brand name that reflected our ethos and spirit - happy and healthy food that brings positive change - Upfull, Jamaican slang for happy vibes, felt a natural fit. Upfull started trading in January 2017 with Terence knocking on as many coffee shop doors as he could - with great success!

In our first year we are proud to have been stocked in 80 outlets across London, Brighton, Oxford and Birmingham and are now also supplying all Virgin Active cafe’s nationwide through our exclusive catering partnership with Vegetarian Express.

A positive change

Before Upfull, our founder Terence, who hails from South Africa, spent almost two decades working in community development all over the world - from working for Nobel Peace Prize laureate Desmond Tutu to leading an entrepreneurship school programme in 80 countries to setting up a charity that trained thousands of young community leaders from 45 countries alongside Apartheid freedom fighters (who you may have heard of) Ahmed Kathrada, Eddie Daniels and Dennis Goldberg.

About Us
About Us
About Us

While Terence was setting up Upfull, he was concurrently flying back and forth to a region of Kenya called Taita Taveta. Here he setup a project in partnership with the Kenyan government, tech startups and charities. The project works with 40 organic small subsistence family farms who struggle to survive. Together with our partners, we will enable them with access to markets and best prices, free internet and solar charging smart phones with farming apps and access to finance to grow and prepare for global warming consequences. Part funded by the government and part by us.

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